Traffic Wave Reviews

Traffic Wave Reviews

TrafficWave is a web-based company that offers autoresponder technology for small and medium businesses, and internet marketers in over 100 different countries. In the internet age, an autoresponder is crucial to internet marketers success, without it, people would not be able to keep in contact with their subscribers or prospects. TrafficWave also offers an affiliate plan, when you become a paid member, not a free member. You have the choice to become an affiliate and can start earning commissions right away. you earn residual commissions on every new referral or traffic package that you sell. You can break even by just referring a New member a month.

What is TrafficWave Autoresponder Product?

TrafficWave offers Autoresponders, Email Marketing and Contact Management via the website 24/7. Now businesses, entrepreneurs or internet marketers can connect to their clients, prospects and members from any pc anywhere in the world. TrafficWave is a full pleged email marketing system and its flat rate pricing of $17.95 is very attracted compare to other autoresponder companies which rates go up when you build your list. With TrafficWave, you can manage unlimited lists, collect as much data as you want, send html or text messages, free lead-capture pages, schedule broadcasts, track your open rates and click throughs. And TrafficWave offers unlimited Free Customer Support.

Traffic Wave Affiliate Program

TrafficWave offers an awesome affiliate program, a 3×10 forced matrix complete with spilled over. It is FREE to join and you get pay commissions up to 10 levels. You also get pay 100% commission on new referrals for the first month.

Here are 4 different ways you get paid as an affiliate:

  • FastTrack Bonuses- Every time you refer a New active customer, you will be paid 100% sales revenue which is paid weekly. There is no limit to how many FastTrack bonuses you can earn weekly.
  • 3×10 matrix structure: you can have 3 referrals on first level, first level commissions are $6 each, so all you need is to refer 3 active members and your Traffic Wave membership is FREE. Level 2 is 9 referrals paying $.75 each. Level 3 is 27 referrals paying also $.75 each.
  • Leadership Bonuses: By referring 5 active sales, you earn the title of Tidalwave which you then be paid through 5 levels instead of 3 levels. By referring 10 active sales, you earn the title of Tsunmi and you are paid through 10 levels. Also as a TidalWave, you will receive a matching 25%  bonus by your affiliates. As a Tsunami, you will receive a matching bonus of 50%. For both leadership bonuses, you must have one personal active sale in the current month and  one personal active sale in the previous month to qualify.
  • Guaranteed Traffic Sales: as an affiliate, you can sell the TrafficWave Guaranteed Traffic package, each package you sell earns you 10% commission.

Fasttrack bonuses are pay weekly and leadership bonuses are pay on a monthly basis. Leadership bonuses must be qualify each month.


Autoresponders comparison

Trafficwave offers a Flat Rate Pricing of $17,95 for all its services and a month to month contract. And you get a 30 day Free Trial to test its services.

  • Aweber, one of the most popular autoresponders, charges $19 for up to 500 people list, then it goes up to $29 for 2500 and up to $69 for 10,000 people list.
  • Constant Contact starts at $15 for 500 people, then double to $30 for 2500 and $75 for up to 10,000
  • iContact has the lowest starting rate of $10 for 500, then $14-$29 for 501-2500 and up to $74 for 10,000
  • GetResponse starts at $18 for 500, $28 up to 2,500 and $45 for 2,501-10,000. the lowest between the three.

With Traffic Wave, you will enjoy a low flat rate of $17.95 and know that it will stay at this rate no matter how big your list gets. By far list building is the most important task for you online and TrafficWave will help you to do that and much more for a affordable flat rate.

As a TrafficWave affiliate, you can earn an income by referring its services. If you treat this as a business and spend just few hours a week, and just have one active sales a month, teach your referral to do the same thing and sign up for the matrix buster plan. you can build your organization to mass within a short period of time by duplicating one referral at a time.

Act today, Try the TrafficWave 30 days for FREE, no credit cards required with zero risk.